The Grove Podcast

Body Language :: Dr. Anita Phillips & Christine Caine

86 min
Episode Notes

Today’s episode of the Grove Podcast was graciously given to us by Christine Caine and Dr. Anita Philips. In response to the recent rise in racial tensions stemming from the media coverage of injustice toward Black Americans, many necessary conversations have emerged among people of all color.

One of the most helpful conversations that we have observed is this one between Christine and Dr. Anita. It is raw and full of humility and grace. Dr. Anita helps white believers better understand the past and current realities of their black brothers and sisters while giving helpful insight into the differences of our cultures and communities.

Christine Caine is a long-time friend of the Grove and is kind enough to come and preach and encourage us year after year. In addition to speaking and writing, she runs Propel Women as well as the A-21 Campaign with her husband Nick. Dr. Anita Phillips is a therapist, mental health advocate, life coach, and minister dedicated to encouraging, educating, and empowering communities. This conversation was recorded live on Instagram and is used with their permission.

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