Seminary Track

We believe in investing in the future of the Church through theological training within the local church.

A two-year work-study intensive earning a degree through Dallas Theological Seminary while serving in the local church.

Come build a theological foundation for your life and ministry through full-time seminary while serving in the local church alongside the staff of Passion City Church.

  1. Seminary Track Residents at Passion City Church, through our partnership with Dallas Theological Seminary, are full-time DTS students earning a Master’s in Christian Leadership (or 66 hours toward another seminary degree).
  2. Generally, Seminary Track Residents spend half their work week in seminary and half their work week in hands-on ministry.
  3. Seminary Track Residents receive both a Resident salary of $22,600/year as well as significant financial aid for seminary that covers 75% of tuition.
  4. That means Seminary Track Residents are responsible for 25% of their seminary tuition plus books and fees. You can explore tuition costs on the Dallas Theological Seminary page HERE.

The Seminary Track offers Resident roles in kids ministry, students ministry, young adults ministry, worship leading, and ministry on pastoral teams.

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